November 2022 Newsletter

Invest in New Glass Desk Security Screens

Replace your Perspex Screens with long lasting Glass Screens. Compared to Perspex, Glass is a lot more resistant to scratches and environmental degradation from sunlight and chemicals. This results in glass lasting for hundreds of years in good condition, whereas your Perspex panels will need replacing soon as they are probably becoming discoloured and brittle.

For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Glass Security Desk Screens & Hatches

Glass Security Desk Screens & Hatches are designed to provide the security and visibility that your business requires while permitting direct speech and the easy transfer of packages.

We also manufacture static and sliding purpose made hatches for all reception areas. All our hatches are designed to accommodate your needs. Sliding, Static Doors, Hatches and Transfer gaps all available on request. We offer a large range of Security Desk Screens and other products at competitive prices, so please email or call to tell us your needs.

For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Sliding Reception Hatches

Sliding Reception Hatches are the ideal solution for existing or new Reception and Servery Counters – providing a higher level of security and a sense of professionalism to Reception areas and Foyers.

Our Aluminium horizontal sliding glass Reception Hatches are made to order and can be built to suit a variety of requirements. Available in kit form to suit an existing lining frame or we can manufacture a linking frame with integral hardwood shelf to suit your specification as just supplied in this school reception below.

For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Sliding Reception Security Screens

We manufacture and install Sliding Reception Security Screens for all environments. Our Security Screens accommodate both the need for confidentiality and security. Staff feel safe and protected whilst the customer does not feel intimidated or shut out.

Staff are put in control of their working environment, opening their screen to a level they are comfortable with easily with ‘one-finger’.

 For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Physical Attack Reception Screens

We are proud to say that we installed physical attack Reception Screens here at this busy Medical Practice.

We designed and fitted our Physical Attack Screens during a weekend to give least disruption to the practice. The interaction between the staff and customers at this practice is very vital so the Physical Attack Screens fitted all the needs of the practice along with the visibility, durability and being cost efficient for long term protection a must as the Perspex Screens the practice found inadequate and had deteriorated with scratches and colour. Conception to installation only took two weeks.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or are in need of a bespoke service please call us to speak to one of our sales team 01892 668833 or email us at

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Screen Plus screens are the preferred long-term protective shield against COVID-19 in shared spaces. We design and manufacture bespoke glass screen units for all environments.  

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