March 2021 Newsletter

Employee Wellbeing

Getting safely back to shared working spaces will mean protecting employees against the usual transmissible viruses that we continue to live with. All viral or bacterial infections as mild as the common cold, or severe as Coronavirus can have a significant impact on employee productivity, wellbeing and absence rates. Precautionary protective glass screens in place year-round will help keep employees in work.

Toughened Glass Screens

Screen Plus manufacture custom, versatile glass solutions designed for desks, offices and reception areas of all sizes. Designing screens for all environments with 10mm toughened or 12.8mm laminated glass looks stylish and elegant and maximises light filtering through. Branding, hatches and letter gaps can be added to screens, as desired.

Glass Screens for Desks and Counters

Where it is not physically possible to maintain social distancing, desk mounted protection screens can safeguard from viral and bacterial transmission in the workplace. Installing glass screens at reception desks can also assist in securing employees against physical attacks. Screen Plus produce a vast array of non-obtrusive Screen products that fix to desks and tabletops. 

Free Standing Protective Screens

Freestanding screens provide an effective way to maintain social distancing and maximise space by creating a room within a room. Informational graphics or screen manifestations can be applied to convey important messages, zone areas and branding. Screen Plus manufactures custom built screens best suited for your environment.

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Screen Plus screens are the preferred long-term protective shield against COVID-19 in shared spaces. We design and manufacture bespoke glass screen units for all environments.  

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