March 2020 Newsletter

Aid to Infection Control

At Screen Plus we are aiding the infection control measures of Coronavirus in GP Surgeries and on Hospital main reception desks with our glass reception desk screens. The stainless steel posts and glass are manufactured to accommodate your specific desk design. Our quick turnaround means that the screens can be installed very quickly. 

Reception Glass Hatches

 Our framed desk screens are providing protection for the receptionists and the desk top confidential matter while ensuring that conversation between staff and visitors is not impaired.  Along with important issue of aiding infection control of Covid-19    Our modern design does not impair the friendly relations between staff and patients. 

Reception Desk Framed Screens

Our Aluminium sliding glass reception hatches are the ideal solution for existing or new reception and servery counters, providing a higher level of security and aid infection control.   Our aluminium horizontal sliding glass hatches are made to order and can be built to suit a variety of requirements. 

Reception desk framed screens are a must to safeguard your receptionist welfare. 

Protective steps to protect your frontline staff

The glass screens aid with a draft that filtered into the Reception area along with allowing the receptionists to have a full view of waiting patients, but with also helping with infection control. We design our screens to your needs.    We are offering a fast turnaround to help with the fight of the coronavirus. 

Protection from Covid-19, with Reception desk glass screens

With the danger to life of the Covid-19 virus, no time is better than to install glass reception desk screens to help keep clients and colleagues safe.     

Call now for a quotation and our team are here to help action quickly the installation of the protection glass screens. 

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Screen Plus screens are the preferred long-term protective shield against COVID-19 in shared spaces. We design and manufacture bespoke glass screen units for all environments.  

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