July 2023 Newsletter

Security Reception Glass Screens

Screen Plus Security Screens are built to aid physical attacks on staff. We work closely with our customers to develop custom made solutions to suit their precise physical security needs.

Our Glass Security Screens are fitted also to compliment the design of the desk and giving as much visibility to the working staff. We can also offer speech transfer units and electronic speech enhancement is also available together with a range of other features

For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Secure Sliding Glass Hatches

Screen Plus Internal sliding Hatches offer a great solution for clear internal security without over the top and obtrusive hardware.

A sliding Hatch is essentially a sliding window for partitioning off an area that need not always be open, such as a small reception area, service hatch or kiosk. The Sliding Hatch can be securely locked in place and simply slides open or closed.

With a variety of glazing options such as Toughened, Tinted or Etched, the internal sliding screen window prevents opportunist access to privileged areas without drawing attention to them. Being clear, a sliding screen allows light in even when closed and does not negatively affect the aesthetic of your premises like heavy-duty shutters or grills might.

For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Aggression towards Receptionists

A recent study reported that patient aggression towards receptionists was a frequent & routine occurrence in general practice, particularly verbal abuse, hostility, and use of racist & sexist insults.

The study reported that some incidents were very serious, and included being hit, shaken, held at gunpoint, stalked, and threatened with a razor blade. Since the report and fitting of Security Glass Desk Screens after being questioned we found that staff feel much safer and re assured of their safety.

Patient aggression was the most difficult part of their role, they said and such incidents prompted a range of negative feelings and over the long term, direct and indirect exposure to repeated patient aggression was reported to lead to burnout and fatigue. The Glass Security Screens have been such a good investment.

For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Exterior Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrades are the ideal way to make the most of a Balcony, Decking, Terrace, Patio, a Flat Roof or a Pool area. It is the best of both worlds - you can create your own space, and add lasting value to your property with our super strong and tested system.

Whether you use your new space for entertaining, outdoor relaxation, or just to take in the view on a long summer evening, the simplicity of our designs will make it all a little bit more special.

Each and every one of our made to measure glass balustrades are manufactured in our UK based factory, ensuring you have the perfect product for your home and garden.

 For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Security Desk Screens

Over the last year an increase in violence at Hospitals and GP Surgeries have led to us installing more of our Security Desk Screens. The image shows how the screens can look discreet & pleasing to the eye but aiding security for the staff. This particular project we installed out of hours to give as least disruption as possible to the hospital. The clear toughened glass ensures users are separated but staff maintain a good visual contact.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or are in need of a bespoke service please call us to speak to one of our sales team 01892 668833 or email us at sales@screenplus.co.uk

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Screen Plus screens are the preferred long-term protective shield against COVID-19 in shared spaces. We design and manufacture bespoke glass screen units for all environments.  

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