February 2024 Newsletter

Curved Desk Security Glass Screens

Over the last year an increase in violence at Hospitals and GP Surgeries have led to us installing more of our Security Desk Screens. The image shows how the screens can look discreet and pleasing to the eye but aiding security for the staff. This particular Curved Desk project we installed out of hours to give as least disruption as possible to the surgery. The clear toughened glass ensures users are separated but staff maintain a good visual contact. Hatches, Speech Transfer units can all be included in the design. Each project is especially designed and built to the client’s needs.

For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

School Reception Security Glass Protection Screens

Ready for the children to return after an inset day, we have just installed out of hours this Reception Desk Glass Security Screen.

The security for the staff has been an issue in the past so the remit was to install screens that still looked modern, smart but functional. A lockable sliding hatch was a must for packages to be passed through. Protective Desk Screens are now a common feature in Schools, Colleges & Universities with the need to create social distancing between individuals. Our Glass Screens provide a barrier protection but are very easily cleaned and will stay smart for many years.

For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Sliding Glass Hatches at GP Surgery

The Receptionists at this surgery are protected by a lockable sliding toughened Glass Screen with borrowed light through the transom above. Staff appreciate the excellent visibility. The reduced noise benefits staff working in the office and enables confidential phone calls to remain confidential.

For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Transforming the Reception with Glass Security Screens

The modern design Security Screens keep the Reception area cool and conserves the full view of visitors to ensure conversation between staff and patients is not impaired. Most importantly, the Glass Screens safeguard staff and patients so they can feel safe at the surgery during this unprecedented time.

A Note from our client:

"The screen is fantastic, your fitting team were absolutely brilliant and worked in with our closed schedule. You all at Screen Plus have made the whole process seamless, I couldn't recommend your company enough from start to finish it has been gold standard service. Thank you."

Tracey Walker
Operations Manager
Lane End Surgery

For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Curved Desk Security Desk Screens

To cut the cost of very expensive curved glass when installing our Security Desk Reception Screens, we used straight safety toughened glass, but as you can see in the image above it does not detract from the curved design of the desk. All designs of desks can have Security Desk Screens fitted - no desk is an issue with our unique design.

 For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

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Screen Plus screens are the preferred long-term protective shield against COVID-19 in shared spaces. We design and manufacture bespoke glass screen units for all environments.  

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