February 2022 Newsletter

Security Desk Screens

Glass Screens for Reception Desks offer high level security, whilst not hindering over the counter conversations. Receptionists can be threatened, abused and assaulted, which a Security Screen can protect against. Perspex Screens that give a perception of virus resistance, do not meet the standards insisted upon by Hospitals, Surgeries and General Practices. Screen Plus glass screens are durable and hygienic protecting against any level of physical attack.

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Violence against Receptionists

Over the last year an increase in violence at Hospitals and GP Surgeries have led to us installing more of our Security Desk Screens. The image shows how the screens can look discreet and pleasing to the eye but aiding security for the staff. This particular project we installed out of hours to give as least disruption as possible to the hospital. The clear toughened glass ensures users are separated but staff maintain a good visual contact.

For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Screens for Reception Desks


A reception area is a transitional space that should be welcoming, secure, practical, and brand-aware. It is not easy to design a space that ticks all those boxes, especially in facilities like Hospitals, Schools, or Community centres where there is also a service counter component.

Many Architects & Designers are surprised to learn that securing the desk is the easy part it is the screening that is hard. Thanks to our Reception Desk designs we have a wide selection in materials and finishes in our range and our Security Desk Screens can even enhance the design aesthetic of the project.

For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Sliding Lockable Hatches

The versatile sliding lockable hatch is the perfect solution to allow staff to safely transfer large or small packages to customers or pupils without putting them in any danger. This Aluminium framed hatch has just been installed in a North London school. The criteria for the project was to still have a fresh clean look but giving the staff full protection when needed. This Horizontal hatch including the wording ‘Reception’ was fitted within two weeks from order.

 For more information call our sales line on 01892 668833

Physical Attack Screens

We are proud to say that we installed physical attack screens here at this busy Medical Practice.

We designed and fitted our physical attack screens during a weekend to give least disruption to the practice. The interaction between the staff and customers at this practice is very vital so the physical attack screens fitted all the needs of the practice along with the visibility, durability and being cost efficient for long term protection.

We had compliments with the way the team handled the project from conception to installation.

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Screen Plus screens are the preferred long-term protective shield against COVID-19 in shared spaces. We design and manufacture bespoke glass screen units for all environments.  

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