February 2020 Newsletter

Aid for Infection control for Doctors Surgeries

Glass security screens designed for attack resistance can also be important as part of infection control. Totally enclosed screens provide good protection but openings to speak through or to pass packages through should be considered as part of the infection control measures. Screen Plus would be happy to offer advice or add-ons upon receiving full particulars. 

While totally enclosed screens stop direct projection of breath carried infection carrying droplets and mucus between staff and patients screens with open transaction slots or hatches allow close face to face possibilities. An additional glass shield should be considered to prevent direct transmission of contaminants. 

The glass provides direct protection and an easily wiped surface as part of overall infection control.

Pod Screens

Pod Screens are becoming popular in surgeries and waiting areas. This surgery required a lockable room to be provided at one side of the patients' waiting area. The glass Pod provided the area required with a lockable glass door to keep equipment safe when not in use. 

The clear glass sides provide a degree of visual privacy by using broad frosted vinyl stripes. The Pods also benefits from borrowed light without the need for additional lighting. 

Our Pod screens provide the additional confidential space required for consultation, gathering of physiological data and minor procedures. 

Glass Reception Screens

Glass screens as purchased here by a doctors surgery have proven to be very useful in more ways than one. 

The screens are perfect for preventing drafts, dividing the waiting patients from the main desk, aiding the receptionist from seeing the waiting patients but also preventing the patients from listening into conversations from the Reception Desk. Glass screens are perfect for all public areas. 

Reception Glass Hatches

This glass hatch security screen protects the reception staff and the confidential desk-top material. Staff had been at risk of personal confrontation and confidential information risked being overlooked or stolen. Screen Plus provided a glass security screen and hatch that safeguard both the staff and the confidential information without impairing the friendly relations between staff and patients. The design provides protection for the receptionists and the desk top confidential matter while ensuring that conversation between staff and visitors is not impaired.

Glass Security Reception Screens

To aid with infection control in the waiting area, glass reception security screens are the perfect answer. The glass screens are a perfect security protection but have an added bonus of a barrier between Reception Staff from patients and vice versa,

Glass reception screens are being used as a discreet barrier. The glass is easy to wipe down and helps to take measures to reduce infection risk. 

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Screen Plus screens are the preferred long-term protective shield against COVID-19 in shared spaces. We design and manufacture bespoke glass screen units for all environments.  

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