February 2019 Newsletter

Sliding Glass Lockable Hatch

Aluminium sliding glass reception hatches are the ideal solution for existing or new receptions, servery and security counters. Our sliding hatches provide a higher level of security and a sense of professionalism to reception areas and foyers. We are manufacturers and we build to suit your requirements as each project is different.

Glass Security Desk Screens

At Screen Plus we have a selection of physical attack resistant screens in our range which are then tailored to ensure that your staff are protected from the threat of physical attack at all times. Please contact us to discuss your physical resistant screen requirements, your budget and your specific security needs.

Glass Office Screens

Stylish free standing or floor fixed office Glass screens are being used more in offices these days. Glass screens allow light to pass through while still allowing room division and privacy. Company logos or branding can be applied. A smart, stylish replacement from fabric screens.

Glass Partitions

Our Glass partitioning can be used to temporarily or permanently divide an office space into multiple areas or create a complete room or add decorative division to an open plan area. Our Glass partitions also helps reduce noise levels and provides some privacy within the working environment.

Our Glass partitions are a cost effective way to divide or alter rooms requiring little to no structural changes therefore keeping the cost down to a minimum.

Glass partitioning creates a light and airy working environment. Choose clear glass to create the illusion of open space. Our Glass Partitions also help to reduce noise pollution and allow much needed privacy within the workspace

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Screen Plus screens are the preferred long-term protective shield against COVID-19 in shared spaces. We design and manufacture bespoke glass screen units for all environments.  

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