August 2021 Newsletter

Security Protection Screens

Over the last year an increase in violence at Hospitals and GP Surgeries have led to us installing more of our Security Desk Screens. The image shows how the screens can look discreet & pleasing to the eye but aiding security for the staff.    This particular project we installed out of hours to give as least disruption as possible to the hospital. The clear toughened glass ensures users are separated but staff maintain a good visual contact.   

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School Reception Deck Screens 

Ready for the September return we have just installed this School Reception Desk Screen.The security for the staff has been an issue in the past so the remit was to install screens that still looked modern, smart but functional. A lockable sliding hatch was a must for packages to be passed through. Protective Desk Screens are now a common feature in Schools, Colleges & Universities with the need to create social distance between individuals. Our Glass Screens provide a barrier protection but are very easily cleaned and will stay smart for many years. All ready for the September return.   

Full Height Security for Reception Desks

School Reception counters, Police Stations, Banks and Council cash handling areas can often be targets for violent attacks. At Screen Plus our secure Desk Top to Ceiling secure counter screens are designed and built to reduce risk to your staff and property. Designed especially for each client by our in-house design team means you are getting a bespoke service from your first contact until the day we install. This inner city school required full protection so our Full Height Security Screens have been installed, we also delivered & installed on a Saturday to aid disruption at the school. 

Transform a Desk for Protection

A reception area is a transitional space that should be welcoming, secure, practical, and brand-aware. It’s not easy to design a space that ticks all those boxes, especially in facilities like Hospitals, Schools, or Community centres where there is also a service counter component.

Many Architects & Designers are surprised to learn that securing the desk is the easy part it is the screening that is hard. Thanks to Our Reception Desk designs we have a wide selection in materials & finishes in our range & our Security Desk Screens can even enhance the design aesthetic of the project.

Advantages of glass over acrylic

We are coming across more installations that request us to change the acrylic temporary screens to permanent glass. So we would like to point out the advantages of using glass compared to acrylic. One of the main advantages that glass offers compared to acrylic is aesthetic. Glass is slightly more translucent than acrylic sheet, allowing in a little more light. Another benefit of glass is that it is not UV sensitive – acrylic sheets fade when exposed to bright sunlight for extended periods.

Glass is heavier than acrylic and this can be helpful for some applications. Constructions using glass are more stable than acrylic ones. Unlike acrylic, glass is not easily scratched and it is also inflammable and more resistant to heat. Glass can also be manufactured to the security specification needed ie Toughened or Laminated.

Benefits of glass
- Looks beautiful
- Crystal clear
- Stable used in larger constructions
- Less easily scratched
- Heat resistant
- Resistant to temperature changes

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Screen Plus screens are the preferred long-term protective shield against COVID-19 in shared spaces. We design and manufacture bespoke glass screen units for all environments.  

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