April 2021 Newsletter

Attack Resistant Glass Screens

Glass screens for reception desks offer high level security, whilst not hindering over the counter conversations. Receptionists can be threatened, abused and assaulted, which a security screen can protect against. Perspex screens that give a perception of virus resistance, do not meet the standards insisted upon by Hospitals, Surgeries and General Practices. Screen Plus glass screens are durable and hygienic protecting against any level of physical attack.

Level 1 Attack Resistance 

Level 1 example: Staff vacate from a rear exit to resist an attack by a person who has arrived without a hidden tool with which to make a preconceived attack. An example is a female patient on being told there were no appointments available that day struck the receptionist and cracked her skull across the eye socket causing damaged sight for life. A Level 1 screen would have prevented the receptionist from being struck.

Level 2 Attack Resistance

Level 2 example: While staff vacate from a rear exit, to resist an attack by a person who has arrived with a hidden tool with which to make a preconceived attack. Examples of hidden tools are screw drivers or other pointed tools, small hammers or axes that can be concealed in the pocket of a would-be assailant. Screen Plus designs screens to resist any form of attack up to and including bullet resistant screens.

Bespoke Reception Desk Screens

At Screen Plus, we, arrange for our surveyor to visit site, prepare a CAD drawing of the screen design, and once approved by the client, manufacture and install within 2 weeks.  The team work closely with clients to custom design a screen with the level of attack resistance right for each unique environment. Screen Plus high-quality glass screens last for hundreds of years to secure against threats and attacks.

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Screen Plus screens are the preferred long-term protective shield against COVID-19 in shared spaces. We design and manufacture bespoke glass screen units for all environments.  

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