April 2020 Newsletter

Aiding Protection from Covid 19

At Screen Plus, we have been busy designing and manufacturing post panel glass screens for all environments during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The ‘friendly’ glass screens are perfect for reception desks to help control the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Our team are here to help action quickly the installation of the protection glass screens. The stainless-steel posts and glass are manufactured to accommodate your specific desk design.

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Doctors Surgery Glass Screens

The modern design security screens keep the reception area cool and conserves the full view of visitors to ensure conversation between staff and patients is not impaired. Most importantly, the glass screens safeguard staff and patients so they can feel safe at the surgery during this unprecedented time. 

Hospital Receptions

Glass security screens are designed for attack resistance and play an important role in infection control. Installing glass screens in hospitals provides direct protection from the transmission of contaminants that can travel through projection of breath between staff and patients. Additionally, the glass is an easily wiped surface enabling frequent cleaning as part of overall infection control. 

Retail Counter - Butchers

We assemble in the UK and work to a fast turnaround time so you and your colleagues can get back to working in shops safely. Our protective glass screens will help to enable your services to continue during this Pandemic. Screen Plus screens have been installed in varying locations; hospitals, medical surgeries, schools and colleges, car parks, hotels and restaurants, retail shops, court rooms, 24-hour service stations and more - we design screens to your needs. 

Reception Desk Protection Screens

Hospital reception areas can be protected with glass screens without loss of the traditional welcome. The glass screens fight spread of infection through the division of space between staff and patient. We design and manufacture the glass screens to suit your specific needs, giving the room a contemporary feel and helping to lesson the spreading of Covid-19 virus in hospitals.

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Screen Plus screens are the preferred long-term protective shield against COVID-19 in shared spaces. We design and manufacture bespoke glass screen units for all environments.  

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